A vintage car park?

A vintage car park?

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Friday, 11 November 2011

Lots of e-mails!

Well my last couple of postings generated so many e-mails, most on the 10 out of 10 Ranting scale. Its so good to use the delete button, on the ones that are all written in CAPITALS.
The planners van in a Birmingham garden, was in fact a west London van. Another e-mail gave me the vans details and yet another e-mail informed me the van was no longer there! Get my facts straight! Said the sender.  The west London owners who were going to restore the van (for about the last 20years) and had resisted all offers to sell the van. Well its not there anymore (moved 2 plus years ago) so where is the youngest JB van hiding? Or has it been scrapped, exported to China and made into the new i-van.

More complaints! Re my posting of the GPO J van batch details, why had I not included chassis numbers? In a curt reply I said "it has taken many months to get this far with the PO data, that I'm working on chassis numbers but it all takes time, would he like to have a go and produce a list and share, if he can do it quicker than me" I await his reply. (Me thinks I will wait rather a long time unless it was David Allison, in disguise sending me that e-mail). Oh for the days of the J Register, not just pretty pictures but FACTS! Who had What, Recently Seen,  Spotted on the Box, On the Move, lots of nice section with Data/Facts. It seems to be all smoke and mirrors these days, cloak and dagger, nobody wants to share, knowledge is power and the majority like to keep all information about their vehicles, chassis numbers, history, location, to themselves, that is till they want something, where can I get? comes the plea and your expected to supply the details, once you have helped them out you never hear from them again, always one way traffic.
At a recent club meeting I attended (nothing to do with J types), a volunteer was asked for from the gathered group, to deliver some boxes of small car trim parts to a fellow member that had just come out of hospital and could not drive, it was amazing at that very moment everybody studied their shoes. Yes I took them on the back of my motorbike, took about an hour round trip, including a nice warming cup of tea with the old gent.
Right my rant over, got something to contribute?, send it in, got a problem? send it somewhere else and go do your own site!!
An apt way to explain running old vehicles?

A list of chassis number and registration dates.

J/R 010 10/1949--J/R 649 1949--J/R 755 1/1950--J/R 1061 12/1949--J/R 1102 12/1949--J/L 1518 1950--J/R 1612 03/1950--J/L 2935 1951--J/R 4491 11/1950--J/R 6050 12/1950--J/R 6187 1/1951--J/R 10916 12/1951--J/R 10972 1/1952--J/R 14776 12/1952--J/R 145931/1953--J/R 15455 1/1953--J/R 16261 03/1953--J/R 18124 1952--J/R 19902 12/1953--J/R 20658 02/1954--J/R 21720 12/1953--J/R 23555 1954--J/R 24274 1954--J/R 25618 12/1954--J/R 25079 1/1955--J/R 25741 05/1955--J/R 29869 11/1955--J/R 30963 11/1955--J/R 3183110/1955--J/R 32465 11/1955--J/R 33340 1/1956--J/R 35466 1/1957--J/R 35671 12/1956--JB/MR 37200 06/1957--JB/MR 39547 12/1957--JB/MR 39012 1/1958--JB/MR 39648 1/1958--JB/MR 42533 1/1959--JB/MR 42677 12/1958--JB/MR 43367 1959--JB/MR 45648 1/1960--JB/MR 45693 12/1959--JB/MR 46009 02/1960--JB/MR 47648 12/1960--JB/MR 47907 12/1960--JB/MR 48069 01/1961--JB/MR 48219 01/1961
Approximate Production data for each year.
1949 750 vehicles -1950 5347 -1951 5051 -19524098 -1953 5027 -1954 6000 -1955 6894 -19563169 -1957 3284 -1958 3131 -1959 2965 -19602516 -1961 362
Total produced 48620

Ardingly Vehicle Show 12/7/09. Picture taken by Clive Barker.