The British Army search a bread van for hidden items

The British Army search a bread van for hidden items

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Friday, 7 December 2012

The body number data base has been started.

What a marathon job this is going to be. I started off designing a data base and have had to modify it several times already.
To be able to add data as and when, the format of each item is important as most items are a mixture of numbers and letters.
Take the engines fitted to our JB vans, various versions fitted and now many vans have had updated items fitted, reconditioned items and totally non original items fitted.
Thankfully Standard JB van engines are easy to track.

BMC 'B' Series, 1947 to 1981.( First real 'B' series was in 1953.) 
BP, at the front of a JB engine number denotes 'B' series, 'P'ush rod ohv.
The first car to use the 'B' series was the M.G. Magnette ZA, in 1489cc form.
Based on the earlier Austin A40 Devon 1200cc unit.
Engine codes.
ie. BP15M was a 1489cc Morris Oxford. 
     BP15GA  was the ZA Magnette of 1489cc. 
     BP15GC  an improved ZA Magnette, with full flow oil filter. 
    BP15GB was the first MGA 1489cc engine, 
    BP 15GD followed it.
    BC16GB was the MGA Twin Cam, 'B' series, 'C' camshaft. 
1956 to 1970 'A', 'B',  engine Prefix. 
The 'BP' prefix was dropped once BMC had its three engine types, A, B, and C. 
Again, there is a prefix, consisting of a number, then letter/letter/letter, then the 
engine number. 
      Cubic capacity             Make             Compression 
  8   803cc             B  BMC Industrial      H   high comp 
  9   948cc             G   M.G.                    L  low comp 
  10  1098cc          A  Austin                              
  12  1200cc          W Wolseley                           
 12  1275cc           H  miscellaneous                    
 15  1489cc           J   Commercial                       
 16   1588cc          V  Van den Plas          
 16   1622cc          M  Morris                  
 18   1798cc          R   Riley                     

ie,  15W / U / H  1234    1489cc Wolseley 15/50, central gear change, high comp. 
15GE / U / H 1234   1489cc M.G. Magnette  Mk3, central gearchange, high comp. 
16AMW / U / H 1234  1622cc Austin, Morris Wolseley Farina, central gear, high c. 
16GA / U / H 1234  1588cc MGA 1600,central gear change, high comp. 
15AC / N / L 1234  1489cc Austin 15cwt van, column change, low comp. 
If any one out knows of an engine production list thats shows production dates, please let me know.
So the numbers I'm after for this list is engine,gearbox,front and rear axles, chassis, body and a new one, the triplex glass code as this could give an indication of when the body was made. Remember chassis and body numbers are different and the van bodies were made in another part of the factory and delivered in batches.

Triplex Glass date code.

Remember you are only dating the glass of the vehicle and it is best to check as many of the pieces of glass as you can.
First you need to have an idea what age the vehicle might be, well to the nearest 10 years at least.
You now need to look for two dots, one dot will be above the letters T,R,E, or X
 (in TRIPLEX) and gives the quarter of the year the glass was manufactured.
The second dot to look out for is below one of the letters in the word TOUGHENED.
T=1, O=2 etc (if no dot the year is zero).
Therefore a July 1955 J type should have glass with a dot above the letter "E" in TRIPLEX and a dot below the letter "H" in TOUGHENED.
This is only a rough guide but might be of interest to you all.

A list of chassis number and registration dates.

J/R 010 10/1949--J/R 649 1949--J/R 755 1/1950--J/R 1061 12/1949--J/R 1102 12/1949--J/L 1518 1950--J/R 1612 03/1950--J/L 2935 1951--J/R 4491 11/1950--J/R 6050 12/1950--J/R 6187 1/1951--J/R 10916 12/1951--J/R 10972 1/1952--J/R 14776 12/1952--J/R 145931/1953--J/R 15455 1/1953--J/R 16261 03/1953--J/R 18124 1952--J/R 19902 12/1953--J/R 20658 02/1954--J/R 21720 12/1953--J/R 23555 1954--J/R 24274 1954--J/R 25618 12/1954--J/R 25079 1/1955--J/R 25741 05/1955--J/R 29869 11/1955--J/R 30963 11/1955--J/R 3183110/1955--J/R 32465 11/1955--J/R 33340 1/1956--J/R 35466 1/1957--J/R 35671 12/1956--JB/MR 37200 06/1957--JB/MR 39547 12/1957--JB/MR 39012 1/1958--JB/MR 39648 1/1958--JB/MR 42533 1/1959--JB/MR 42677 12/1958--JB/MR 43367 1959--JB/MR 45648 1/1960--JB/MR 45693 12/1959--JB/MR 46009 02/1960--JB/MR 47648 12/1960--JB/MR 47907 12/1960--JB/MR 48069 01/1961--JB/MR 48219 01/1961
Approximate Production data for each year.
1949 750 vehicles -1950 5347 -1951 5051 -19524098 -1953 5027 -1954 6000 -1955 6894 -19563169 -1957 3284 -1958 3131 -1959 2965 -19602516 -1961 362
Total produced 48620

Ardingly Vehicle Show 12/7/09. Picture taken by Clive Barker.