A vintage car park?

A vintage car park?

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Monday, 28 May 2012

The latest news.

The recent JB ice cream van on e-bay, although sold for £10,300 is back on the e-bay again, why? purchaser failed to pay? or maybe it was a hoax bid? Will we ever know?
Seems it has lost its original registration and does indeed have an age related number issued. I hope somebody will buy this and save it, but it won't be me, I've never been keen on ice cream vans of any make.
JB's JB blog has been updated as he went with his van to a local Australian rally in

Yarra Glyn 20.05.12.

Do check out his blog, to see some of the other interesting vehicles there.
The official news about pre-1960 vehicle MOT's,
"Classic and historic vehicles are to be exempted from yearly MoT tests, the government has announced.
Vehicles manufactured before 1960 will no longer have to have to pass an MoT from 18 November, Roads Minister Mike Penning said.
The vehicles make up about 0.6% of the total number of licensed vehicles in Britain but are involved in just 0.03% of road casualties and accidents.
It follows a campaign by the All-Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group.
Mr Penning said the government was committed to cutting out red tape which cost motorists money "without providing significant overall benefits".
"Owners of classic cars and motorbikes tend to be enthusiasts who maintain their vehicles well - they don't need to be told to look after them, they're out there in all weathers checking the condition of the engine, tyres and bodywork," he said.
"Owners of classic vehicles will still be legally required to ensure that they are safe and in a proper condition to be on the road but scrapping the MoT test for these vehicles will save motorists money."
Interesting news about pre-1960 vehicle MOT's, full details to follow but the plan is all pre 1960 vehicles won't need an MOT, I worry about this for various reasons.I wonder how many people will now buy a cheap pre 60's car, no need an MOT, free Tax and cheap club insurance, use it and drive it into the ground as a very cheap form of commuting to and from work. That would reflect badly on proper old vehicle enthusiasts.
Or the "con men" out there, spotting an old car in a field, getting the details from it, applying for a V5c(log book), getting the V5c and then getting the cheapest insurance, this vehicles number plate could now be sold. Maybe they could even spot your project vehicle when you have your garage doors open and do the same to you.
You never know what these "con" men are up too. 
Back to the MOT situation, I think I know a bit about vehicles but I think a fresh pair of eyes looking at your pride and joy may well spot something you have missed, I'm always happy to take a vehicle for the test, I want to know if something is wrong with it. 
My JB van is on hire this week, promoting our local Diamond Jubilee event, live bands, picnics, hot food and a HOG roast, plenty of things for the kids to do. Running from noon  till 10pm. The van is currently bedecked in flags and posters for the event and is being driven around our village and is also parked in various prominent locations to promote this event. I must get the camera fixed and and take a couple of snaps.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Queens 60th.

Here are a few pictures of some of the aircraft that took part in a fly past over Windsor Castle this morning.
Some copied from the TV broadcast and some taken by me from my garden,  I'm so close to Windsor most of them kindly flew over my house.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A JB ice cream van on e-bay.

I have this down as an Ex Lewis's ices van.
I think the original number was WED 438, I wonder if its still with the van. Looks a good project.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Latest e-bay for sales.

The sellers advert is.
Starting price is £400, rather high I feel, as Fairmile will make you a new pair for much less than that, headlamp bases might be useful, I know one owner has recently made a pair in fiberglass and another owner is having a batch made in a brass/bronze mix. As we all know a slight knock on the headlamp shell or somebody leaning on it at a rally and the weak Marzack (muckmetal) base cracks.
New pattern Lucas 700 headlamp bowls can be had for about £40 each, check out a kit car parts suppler. Still as the owner quiet rightly states, a rare item.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Further updates.

Well I have delivered my differential to the transmission specialist who does not seem to be fazed by the job in hand. To remove one differential and replace it with my "NEW" 4.55 to 1 ratio unit.. He has never worked on this type of axle and will have to make the necessary shims to ensure correct meshing/backlash between the gears.
Until the old differential is removed and can be measured we wont know exactly what is required to fit my "NEW" one.
As there is a slight chance of some work for the van coming up in the next couple of months, I will not be removing the JB's rear axle till early July.
I'm pleased to say the Australian JB's JB Blog has been updated with some rally pictures taken in Melbourne, do check it out.
A van recently changed hands via e-bay in Australia. The new owner Sandy has been doing a fair bit of work on the van over the last few months and made a very nice discovery.
As the new owner states " It has taken plenty of hard work to get it to this stage, even though it looks far from finished it's nearly there.

The above pictures shows a painted stamped date. Sandy explained "Just the other day I was removing the passenger side front guard when I noticed painted on the chassis the date ' 9 AUG  1960 .' WOW what a discovery , I was really chuffed !! to think that this date was painted on all those years ago and it`s survived the test of time. According to the records my serial number dates my van to late 1960 so this confirms that. I wonder if any one else has found this on their J / JB Van .....

My list of chassis numbers at the bottom of this blog will be updated with this information.
45056 is late 1959 and is JB's JB van.
45648       Jan 1960
46009       Feb 1960
46713       Aug 1960 Sandy's van.
47648      Dec 1960
47907      Dec 1960

I wonder if any more number are still to be found, all will help to build up the production list.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A new ratio differential for my JB van.

A 9/41 or 4.55 to 1 crown wheel and pinion.

A much better ratio than the original 5.625 to 1.
Why do I want to fit this? No not to go faster but to reduce engine noise in the cab and maybe on a run improve my MPG.

A list of chassis number and registration dates.

J/R 010 10/1949--J/R 649 1949--J/R 755 1/1950--J/R 1061 12/1949--J/R 1102 12/1949--J/L 1518 1950--J/R 1612 03/1950--J/L 2935 1951--J/R 4491 11/1950--J/R 6050 12/1950--J/R 6187 1/1951--J/R 10916 12/1951--J/R 10972 1/1952--J/R 14776 12/1952--J/R 145931/1953--J/R 15455 1/1953--J/R 16261 03/1953--J/R 18124 1952--J/R 19902 12/1953--J/R 20658 02/1954--J/R 21720 12/1953--J/R 23555 1954--J/R 24274 1954--J/R 25618 12/1954--J/R 25079 1/1955--J/R 25741 05/1955--J/R 29869 11/1955--J/R 30963 11/1955--J/R 3183110/1955--J/R 32465 11/1955--J/R 33340 1/1956--J/R 35466 1/1957--J/R 35671 12/1956--JB/MR 37200 06/1957--JB/MR 39547 12/1957--JB/MR 39012 1/1958--JB/MR 39648 1/1958--JB/MR 42533 1/1959--JB/MR 42677 12/1958--JB/MR 43367 1959--JB/MR 45648 1/1960--JB/MR 45693 12/1959--JB/MR 46009 02/1960--JB/MR 47648 12/1960--JB/MR 47907 12/1960--JB/MR 48069 01/1961--JB/MR 48219 01/1961
Approximate Production data for each year.
1949 750 vehicles -1950 5347 -1951 5051 -19524098 -1953 5027 -1954 6000 -1955 6894 -19563169 -1957 3284 -1958 3131 -1959 2965 -19602516 -1961 362
Total produced 48620

Ardingly Vehicle Show 12/7/09. Picture taken by Clive Barker.